Providing a Meta Infrastructure for

Web 3.0

MetaCloud offers a decentralized alternative to the existing cloud computing paradigm.

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 - the third version of the Internet - is commonly referred as the decentralized web. The rise of technologies such as distributed ledgers and blockchain-powered storage allows for data decentralization and creates a transparent and secure environment, overtaking Web 2.0’s centralization, surveillance and exploitative advertising.

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Decentralized infrastructure and application platforms will displace centralized tech giants, and individuals will be able to rightfully own their data. Indeed, one of the most significant implications of decentralization and blockchain technology is in the area of data ownership and compensation. It can be reasonably expected that Web 3.0 will bring us a fairer internet by enabling the individual to be a sovereign.

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True sovereignty implies owning and being able to control who profits from one’s time and information. Web 3.0’s decentralized blockchain protocol will enable individuals to connect to an internet where they can own and be properly compensated for their time and data, eclipsing an exploitative and unjust web, where giant, centralized repositories are the only ones that own and profit from it.

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As the Internet is shifting to Web 3.0, it needs an alternative to the existing cloud paradigm. This alternative should not bear any of the limitations observed in conventional cloud computing. It should embrace and champion the Decentralization philosophy of Web 3.0...

We introduce MetaCloud - a decentralized alternative to the existing cloud computing paradigm. MetaCloud operates similar to the model employed by Uber and AirBNB, except it targets Computing. ​MetaCloud’s first target is to connect individuals and organizations, enabling them to rent and lease their otherwise dormant and unused computational resources such as mobile, storages, CPUs, GPUs at ease. More importantly, such interactions are carried out with strong security and privacy protection mechanisms built into the platform.



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MCLOUD is a utility token that serves as fuel for the MetaCloud platform.

MCLOUD initially inhabits Binance Smart Chain and adheres to BEP-20 standard.

The utility token serves as the only means of payment in the MetaCloud Ecosystem.

Early Bird Round
  • Start Date: Jun 01, 2022
  • End Date: Jul 01, 2022
  • Supply: 160M
  • Offering Price: $ 0.03
Public Sale
  • Start Date: Jul 01, 2022
  • End Date: Jul 31, 2022
  • Supply: 180M
  • Offering Price: $ 0.045
Start Date: Aug 01, 2022
End Date: Aug 10, 2022
Supply: 180M
Offering Price: $ 0.068

Token Allocation

Offerings: 680M

Mining Pool: 320M

Bootstrapping & Marketing: 100M

Tech Development: 100M


  • Linux-powered Minimum Viable Product.
  • Enabling Trusted Execution Environment.
  • Incorporating TensorFlow.
  • MachineLearning-as-a-Service and 3D-Rendering-as-a-service.
  • Oracle-as-a-Service for inter-blockchain communications.
  • Fully operational TEE-adapters.
  • Enabling migration for legacy centralised cloud services.
  • Platform computing power exceeds ZettaScale.

Our Team

Francisco Martinez


Francisco is a strong advocate for the sharing economy. He was an associate at Vision Fund, having first-hand experience with the fund’s investment in Uber and Grab.

Tom Shore


Tom had contributed to various NGOs throughout the years, both in his hometown and abroad. These unique experiences gave him a strong suit of operational management skill set.

Mike Brown


Mike is MetaCloud’s Master of Coins, handling fundraising and cash-flows. As an early-stage startup that embraces the decentralization philosophy, MetaCloud’s fundraising will engage a community.

Liam Tremblay

Solution Architect

Liam left his position as Solution Architect at Amazon AWS to join MetaCloud so as to port the sharing economy model to the computing world, paving the way for up and coming Web 3.0.

Will Mars

Research Scientist

Will is a privacy-preserving technologies and security researcher. He is responsible for developing privacy and security protocols, which is a crucial component in MetaCloud.

Louis Rodman


Louis attained his partnership at a tier-1 law firm in New York at the age of 27, youngest among the partners. Louis counsels MetaCloud on a wide range of legality issues.

Diego Russo

Head of Business Development

Spending his earlier years as a consultant at Dell and HP, Diego brought to MetaCloud a wide network of potential business partners. This is a significant advantage in bootstrapping MetaCloud’s ecosystem.

Donald Williams

Head of Community Development

Donald joined the crypto world in 2017, and has extensive experiences in community management and development. He can be considered as a veteran in the field.

In Press


MetaCloud operates similar to the model employed by Uber and AirBNB, except it targets Computing. ​MetaCloud’s primary target is to connect individuals and organizations, enabling them to rent and lease their otherwise dormant and unused computational resources such as mobile, storages, CPUs, GPUs at ease.

MetaCloud receives computational tasks from the requesters, and forwards them to your devices for actual computation. It is important to note that our platform only consumes idle computational resources on your devices. In case the total computational load exceeds resource capacity, priority is given to your own computation demand.

MetaCloud takes advantage of the Trusted Execution Environment, which is made available on recent commodity Intel CPUs, to ensure privacy and security of outsourced computation. More information about the technology can be found on Intel’s website

The distinguishing factors of MetaCloud are advanced security, decentralized fairness and transparency in financial reports.

MetaCloud is built to be the brand new decentralized alternative to the existing cloud computing paradigm which will be the main contribution of Web 3.0.

MetaCloud initially offers a decentralized marketplace for outsourced computation. Subsequently, we will dig into cross-chain communication for public blockchains.

The purchased token will be unlocked following the below timetable, counted from the time of purchase.
- After the first 30 days, unlock the first 25%.
- After the second 30 days, unlock 25% more.
- After the third 30 days, unlock 25% more.
- The last 25% will be unlocked in 25 weeks, 1% each week.

MetaCloud has a referral reward which will be equivalent to 8% of the purchase made under your referral.